Portable filtration

Portable, offline filtration for maintenance on the go.

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  • Compact, portable, and customised for your application, the handheld drum topper is an option you can carry wherever you need to go or affix securely atop an oil drum.

  • Filter carts offer portable, offline filtration and are ideal for mineral-based industrial fluids and a wide range of applications. They are fully customizable with options for flow rate, connections, filters, and more.

  • Simple, stackable, and easy storage meets solid contamination control practices in a unique design with the LT-LMS. Dedicated filtration per container ensures no cross-contamination of fluids, while desiccant breathers prevent dirt and water ingression.

  • The TC Series represents the highest quality and most rugged systems available for purifying industrial oils. They are capable of removing particles and/or free water from all types of oil – even high viscosity gear oils. With canisters that can accommodate multiple filter types such as microfiberglass filters or depth media filters, the TC systems can...

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items