About us

We are INTRIBO s.r.o. company and we offer to our Customers the solution that ensure reliable machines and equipment.

Because reliable machines provides low costs and high productivity. 

We sell Des-Case

We are selling the Des-Case products according to Agreement with Des-Case Corporation in the area of Czech republic, Slovakia and Hungary. 

Our other activities

Our know-how is unique, we have our own products and solutions, we provide advice for the Customers in all industries. We work closely together with companies KLEENTEK (JP), FLUITEC (USA), ALS Laboratories etc. Thanks to these unique connections we are able to propose the best world technologies and experience to ensure long-term trouble-free operation of machines and equipment with low costs. And our customers appreciate it because they make more profits because of us.

Our contacts:

INTRIBO s.r.o.
Zapsána v obchodním rejstříku vedeném u Městského soudu v Praze v oddílu C, vložka 180737
IČO: 241 24 079
E-mail: info@intribo.com
Tel: +420 273 160 601
Executive Manager
Ing. Jan Novák
tel. +420 608 826 748
Sazečská 8
108 25 Praha 10
Česká republika
Pávovské nám. 216/5
198 00 Praha 9
Česká republika