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INTRIBO s.r.o. is official distributor of Des-Case Corporation a RMF Systems B.V. for Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.


  • New product labeling

    Since February 1, 2020, Des-Case Corporation's decision unifies the labeling of products on the global market. The European product designation "DCE-" is replaced by the uniform prefix "DC-".

    The products remain unchanged (with...

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  • Same Breather, Longer Life

    From Spring 2020 Des-Case Corporation comes with new and improved, patent-pending breather construction for the following models: DC-2, DC-3 and DC-4, DC-VG-2, DC-VG-3 and DC-VG-4.

    What improvements does it bring?

    • Increased...
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  • Technical support

    Need more information? Don't know what Filter to choose for your machine? Are you looking for a replacement?

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