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DC-XD-6 Extreme Duty

DCE-XD-6, 5.1" x 6.51" Extreme Duty Breather

The Des-Case Extreme Duty (XD) desiccant breather has excellent vibration and impact resistance, can withstand broad temperature ranges, has expansive chemical compatibility, and features quality check valve technology while still accommodating higher air flow. The Extreme Duty breather also has the best filter efficiency of any Des-Case breather―down to 0.3µ absolute (β0.3≥200).

All Des-Case desiccant breathers that use blue indicating desiccant are CE certified and in compliance with REACH Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006. Since February 1, 2020, Des-Case Corporation's decision unifies the labelling of products on the global market. The European product designation "DCE-" is replaced by the global prefix "DC-". We will be happy to send you the SDS for desiccant or instruction sheet on request.


Data sheet

Unit Height
165,4 mm
Unit Diameter
129,5 mm
Connection Size
1 ½ Female x 16 UN female thread
Max. Flow Rate
456 l/min
Amount of Silica Gel
0,79 kg
Adsorption Capacity
315 ml
Max. Gearbox / Storage Tank
1893 l
Max. Hydraulic Reservoir
757 l
Filter Media
Operating Temp.
-40°C to 149°C
Filter Efficiency
0,3μ absolute (ß₀₃≥1000)
1,37 kg
Shipping Weight (case)
9,06 kg

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