Filtr Ventguard DC3
  • Filtr Ventguard DC3
  • Filtr Ventguard DC3
  • VentGuard DCE-3

DC-VG-3 VentGuard Breather

DCE-VG-3, DC-3F-C, 4" x 8,1" VentGuard Desiccant Breather

Des-Case VentGuard™ breathers have check-valve technology that isolates the system and only ‘breathes’ when necessary, making them an ideal solution that protect low-flow applications with intermittent operations. Check valves provide slight system pressurization that allows for controlled breathing without excessive pressure build-up. The system breathes only when pressured to do so, and then the air is cleaned and dried before it is introduced into the system, ensuring a clean, dry headspace. This control mechanism also prevents premature saturation of the silica gel and extends breather life, a problem not as easily tackled by standard desiccant breathers exposed to extreme moisture.

All Des-Case desiccant breathers that use blue indicating desiccant are CE certified and in compliance with REACH Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006. Since February 1, 2020, Des-Case Corporation's decision unifies the labelling of products on the global market.

The European product designation "DCE-" is replaced by the global prefix "DC-".

We will be happy to send you the SDS for desiccant or instruction sheet on request.


Data sheet

Unit Height
206,4 mm
Unit Diameter
101,6 mm
Connection Size
1" Multi-Fit (NPT, BSPP, NPSM)
Max. Flow Rate
64,5 l/min
Amount of Silica Gel
0,3 kg
Adsorbtion Capacity
220,3 ml
Max. Gearbox / Storage Tank
1325 l
Max. Hydraulic Reservoir
379 l
Filter Media
Operating Temp.
from -29°C to 93°C
Filter Efficiency
3μ absolute (ß₃≥200)
0,85 kg
Shipping Weight (case)
5,32 kg

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